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We get it. We understand the unique challenges that women face, from constant fatigue and persistent brain fog to diminished libido and restless nights. It's a feeling of not being yourself, and we're here to change that.

Consider us your partners in transformation. We're not just here to treat symptoms; we're here to guide you towards a holistic sense of well-being. We're your champions of change, dedicated to helping you regain your vitality, energy, and joy in life.


Our Story

Let's kick off this adventure with a big, warm welcome hug! 🌟 My journey as an NP started at the fantastic Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. That's where I not only gained incredible skills but also discovered my fiery passion for holistic health. Picture this as the spark that lights up our journey together!

My superhero powers lie in family practice and functional medicine, creating a solid base for treatments backed by rock-solid research. This superpower combo enables me to provide solutions that are like the Swiss Army knife for health challenges. Whether it's wrangling hormone imbalances, championing women's well-being, or mastering gut health acrobatics, I'm here to lead the change!

And guess what? Tackling mental health concerns like anxiety and depression? That's my special mission! Together, we're going to banish those gloomy clouds and let the sunshine back in! 🌈

So, buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey that's going to leave you feeling like the radiant star you truly are! πŸš€πŸ’« Let's multiply that change, and let your vibrant, happy, and healthy self shine! 🌟🌟🌟

Let me know if you'd like any tweaks or have something else in mind!

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what i can do for you:

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormone therapy involves using hormones that are structurally identical to those naturally produced by the body to restore hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms related to hormonal imbalances.

GI Mapping

GI mapping for weight loss involves comprehensive analysis of the gastrointestinal system to identify potential imbalances, dysfunctions, or microbial issues that may be affecting metabolism and contributing to weight-related challenges.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine with identity coaching integrates holistic health practices with personalized guidance to help individuals uncover and address the root causes of their health challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of their true selves and promoting long-lasting well-being.

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Functional Medicine

The Thrive Program: Your Journey to Empowered Well-Being

Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that seeks to identify and address the underlying root causes of health issues, focusing on personalized, holistic care to promote overall well-being.

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Empowerment and Control

Prevention is Key

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Elevating women's wellness through tailored aesthetics services. This is where science meets beauty. 

 With a commitment to nurturing your skin's health and vitality, we're offering the precision of Morpheus8, the rejuvenation of VI Peel, and the luxurious touch of Alastin skincare. 

Skin tightening treatment

Chemical Peels

Medical grade skincare

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Botox & Fillers


Empowering Your Journey to Authenticity

At Identity Coaching, we believe that true healing begins with understanding the intricate dance between our emotions and our sense of self. Our mission is to guide you through this transformative journey towards authenticity and wholeness.




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Women's Wellness

Elevating women's wellness through tailored aesthetics services. This is where science meets beauty. 

 With a commitment to nurturing your skin's health and vitality, we're offering the precision of Morpheus8, the rejuvenation of VI Peel, and the luxurious touch of Alastin skincare. 


Forma & Morpheus V

Women's Wellness

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Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Restoring Balance for Optimal Well-Being

Elizabeth understands the profound impact hormonal balance has on women's overall health and well-being. Our approach to BHRT is rooted in personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to address your specific hormonal needs. By restoring equilibrium, we aim to empower you towards a life filled with vitality, joy, and a renewed sense of self.

Fights Fatigue

Increases Sex drive

removes hot flashes

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Feeling bloated, gaining weight, brain fog...Is it you gut?

GI Mapping

GI Mapping with organic acid testing is a comprehensive analysis that examines the gut's microbial composition and function, providing crucial insights into digestive health and potential imbalances. Additionally, the gut's significance as the "second brain" underscores its role in influencing mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being, emphasizing the importance of gut health in holistic health approaches.


Kind Words

Going to see Elizabeth was the best decision I made. I feel like me again.

β€” Kristy

I've never had content this great before French 75. My social media is totally exploding with engagement.

β€” Jennifer, co-Founder, Tonic site shop

It's such a load off my mind not worrying if I'm going to have something to post. It's all done for me!

β€” elena, rose mercantile

The Thrive Method

What Makes Us Different

In the realm of functional medicine, a beacon of transformation emergesβ€”the Thrive Method. It's not merely a program; it's a revolution, a paradigm shift that sets us apart. At the heart of it lies a singular mission: to facilitate genuine, tangible change.

We get you. we've been there. we can help.

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