I'm Elizabeth, Your New Best Friend and Practitioner

Hi, I am Elizabeth McDaniel, double board certified nurse practitioner, and I am dedicated to helping you rebalance your body and renew your health, helping women thrive and not just survive in life. 

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Helping women find the root 
cause of their problems

At Multiply Change, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being by integrating the best practices of conventional medicine and complementary therapies finding the root cause of the problem in order to heal the whole person.

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To not just survive but also 

Is it time for a real change?

Multiply Change focuses on imbalances that plague over 50% of the population with an emphasis on women's health to include mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, hormone imbalances, and gut problems. Patients benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and personal intake where Elizabeth delves deep into root cause of the illness.

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In this innovative third step, we integrate quantum physics medicine with state-of-the-art treatments, and create personalized medication, supplement, and treatment plans to optimize women's wellness and aesthetics journey. Emp0wering your  wellness and enhancing your beauty!

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Utilizing the Thrive™approach to healing, Elizabeth, established a six step method to prioritize the whole-person and overall well-being helping you THRIVE in life through physical, mental and spiritual well being.  

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Our goal is to complete a whole-body analysis to determine a holistic picture of your health by examining the root causes of dysfunction, whether it be hormones, gut health, lifestyle factors, trauma, or some other consideration.

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“Elizabeth is the most positive and encouraging provider I know. Every time I meet with her I come away with a gem of truth that really helps me!” 


About me

Elizabeth sets herself apart from other practitioners with double board certification in family medicine, functional medicine expertise, and ongoing pursuit of a dual doctorate and PhD in quantum physics medicine, all while demonstrating a deep passion for women's wellness, vaginal rejuvenation, and aesthetics—making her the ideal comprehensive choice for addressing women's distinctive health requirements.

Join us for more information and practical tools to help women Thrive through physical, mental and spiritual well being.

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As Champions of Change, we are here to walk with you to navigate how to truly Thrive in life with practical tools to implement today