Hi there! Iā€™m Elizabeth, a Nurse Practitioner and Good News Magnifier.

I am not like other nurse practitioners ā€“ my goal is to complete a whole-body analysis to determine a holistic picture of your health by examining the root causes of dysfunction, whether it be hormones, gut health, lifestyle factors, trauma, or some other consideration. I believe that each person was created for something unique and has a specific purpose. After years of living around the world, I found that women are all the same. We have an inate need to be loved and connected. 

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I was a nurse practitioner working in primary care, seeing patients every 15 minutes and never seeing true healing or change. I knew something was wrong...

Welcome to a space dedicated exclusively to women, a sanctuary where we address the deep-seated issues affecting your well-being during this transformative stage of life. As a nurse practitioner, I understand the limitations of traditional care. It's time for a shift ā€“ one that delves into the root causes of your health challenges.

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Then I finally found my purpose, helping women find the root cause of their issues

In the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity for transformation. For years, I searched for a way to make a real impact, to address the root causes of women's health struggles and guide them towards vibrant, thriving lives. And then, it clicked - my purpose was to help women not just survive, but truly thrive.

The path to radiant health is not a solitary one; it's a journey we embark on together. Through understanding, compassion, and a commitment to uncovering the root causes, we pave the way for transformation. Together, we thrive.

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With Elizabeth, you embark on a journey of personalized care. Your unique health needs are at the forefront of every treatment plan, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with your individual journey.

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I have an unbridled love for our furry companions. My days are brightened by the wagging tails
and boundless affection of my canine friends. 


My heart finds its home in the intersection of faith and joy. I
cherish the moments of serenity and savor every experience that brings happiness and light into my world.


The call of distant horizons and
new cultures is a melody I can't resist. Each adventure is a chance
to uncover new perspectives and create lasting memories.


Fashion, for me, is an expression of individuality. I have a penchant for unique shirts that serve as my canvas for personal style. They're my way of painting the world with a little bit of me.

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Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Georgetown Cupcakes

celeb i'd love to meet

Candace Cameron Bure

Guilty pleasure


alternate universe job:

Travel guide: I love to see new things

favorite place i've been:

Neuschwanstein Castle: Germany

drink of choice

Chai Tea

can't live without


usually craving

Gummy Worms and all things sugary

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge

Office and Ted Lasso
(they make me happy)

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